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When you purchase a DatatronTM EXT System or signup to use the CertifyiTM Monitoring Service, "initial" calibration is included in the purchase price or the monthly "out source" fee.

For our current DatatronTM EXT System users, R&D Scientific Corporation offers certified and trained calibration service technicians to meet your calibration needs. DatatronTM EXT System users may also request calibration training from R&D Scientific Corporation and therefore calibrate their own systems. Calibration training will be provided at a user level by R&D Scientific Corporation for a nominal price. Please contact our service department for a quotation.

For our CertifyiTM users, only R&D Scientific Corporation factory trained and certified calibration technicians may calibrate the CertifyiTM Monitoring System. Please contact R&D Scientific Corporation service department for a calibration quotation.

  • Calibration of your system keeps you in compliance with FDA guidelines
  • Keeps your system channels reading accurately
  • All calibration procedures use NIST certified equipment
  • Three point calibration includes 4-20mA span and midpoint adjustment


The DatatronTM EXT System and CertifyiTM Monitoring Service meet FDA 21-CFR-11 guidelines and are 100% validatable.

R&D Scientific Corporation offers an affordable validation service for any existing or future DatatronTM EXT user. Please contact our sales department for more information or for a validation proposal.

When you sign up for the CertifyiTM Monitoring Service, validation is included in your monthly service fee!

Installation / Expansion

Our IPX, WiFi, Power Line, Free Topology or Expanded nodes are easily installed into the DatatronTM EXT System or CertifyiTM Monitoring Service systems and are easily configured by the user. Any combination of IPX, WiFI, Power Line, Free Topology or Expanded nodes may be used in a single system to eliminate the need for any sensor "hard wiring". This flexibility gives the user unlimited expansion capability coupled with sensor mobility that allows the user to relocate a sensor anywhere in the facility without any "hard wiring" expense. Please contact our sales department for more information or to request a quote.

  • Can use existing nodes or add more nodes to meet specific requirements
  • WiFi sensors can use your existing WiFi infrastructure
  • Power line or Free Topology nodes can be placed where you need them
  • IPX or Expanded nodes are rack mountable and can be easily added to your LAN closet
  • You can add as many nodes and probes as needed to take care of all your monitoring needs
  • All nodes can talk to your Datatron System by using your existing Ethernet which doesn't confine your monitoring to one building
  • Channels can easily be moved from one node to another by the customer. Configuration of these channels will also move with the channel


R&D Scientific Corporation offers "free training" for the DatatronTM EXT System and the CertifyiTM Monitoring Service users upon the initial installation of the monitoring system or service. There is no size limitation as to the number of people that can be trained.

The training course includes a complete "hands on" exposure to every aspect of the DatatronTM System EXT and the CertifyiTM. The training classes are open, allow for complete interaction between the new users and the instructor and allows for plenty of "hands on" time with the monitoring systems.

Training is followed by a written examination of the course content. Upon successful completion of the examination, the user is issued a training certificate document. This training certificate document is to be used by the user to demonstrate to the regulatory agencies that the user is trained and qualified to use the monitoring system, and that the user is in compliance with 21-CFR-11 guidelines. R&D Scientific Corporation offers free training documentation to our users for their own "in house" training classes.

If for any reason our customers require additional training for their staff, R&D Scientific Corporation offers additional training classes for a nominal charge. Please contact our sales department for more information.


Technical support for the DatatronTM EXT System and the CertifyiTM Monitoring Service is offered to our customers "free of charge", 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Please visit the contact page for more information.

All of our DatatronTM EXT System and CertifyiTM Monitoring Service customers are given our 24 hour Hot Line support phone number