DatatronTM EXT Environmental Monitoring & Alarm System

System Features

  • Custom engineered, dedicated WindowsTM based system of integrated hardware and proprietary software to assure system integrity.
  • The main DatatronTM EXT System includes a PC, monitor, keyboard, mouse, message center, printer, telephony device, watchdog card, automatic back-up system with off-site data storage, data acquisition hardware, documentation, calibration, training and 12 month warranty.
  • Continuous real-time environmental monitoring is archived for complete record keeping and report generation.
  • Web based user interface allows for remote access of the system from other workstations, laptops, home computers, and smart phones.
  • The system can measure temperature, humidity, pressure, light, CO2, dry contact output for security alarms or door switches, liquid nitrogen, or any other "real world" conditions.
  • System is 21-CFR-11 and HACCP Compliant and fully validatable to desired cGMP/FDA standards.
  • All stored data is held in a secure tamperproof Microsoft SQLTM database to prevent data deletion or alteration.
  • Complete calibration record keeping system.
  • Wireless Sensors using WiFi and Wired Sensors using existing Cat 5/6 or Power Line technologies.
  • Wireless technology eliminates the cost of labor and material incurred by pulling each sensor wire from each chamber or data point to the monitoring system. This allows total portability for the sensors as well as the PC.
  • The wireless and wired technology is expandable and channels can be added without incurring hard wiring cost.
  • The accuracy of the temperature sensor will be +/- 0.1C across the span and +/- 2% for Humidity.
  • Battery backed data acquisition devices with data storage in the event of network failures.
  • System can be configured as a stand-alone monitoring solution at your facility or can be networked to monitor remote facilities from one centralized location.
  • UPS for the PC included, in case of power outages.
  • Watchdog card for automatic reset of the computer in the event of hardware or software problem.
  • Complete documentation to include Installation Qualification and Operational Qualification.
  • 24 Hours hot line service number.

Data Reporting Features

  • Reports & Graphs can be generated in Report Viewer, PDF, TIFF or Excel formats.
  • Automatic calculation of Mean Kinetic Temperature when desired.
  • All reports are user configurable and report parameters can be saved for ease of use in future reports.
  • Data Reports in intervals of 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 minutes, 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 or 12 hours, as well as daily or monthly averages.
  • Deviation Reports for tracking exceptions based upon value and / or time without having to manually sift through the data.
  • Comparison Reports allow for the side-by-side comparison of data from 2 channels.
  • Event Reports for reporting of all events, alarms, and configuration changes.
  • History Reports to show the historical changes of key system and channel configurations.
  • Period Reports offer a 4, 8, or 12 Hour, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Summary of data and events. Report can run at any time or be set as an Auto Report and emailed to the user.
  • Auto Phone Reports are configurable to call the user(s) with a status report of the selected channel(s) indicating current value and alarm status.
  • Preventative Maintenance Analysis to alert the user of potential problems with their monitored equipment.

Security Features

  • Department level security can limit access to one or all departments.
  • User configurable security levels. The "Administrator" will have total access to all system features and will have the ability to allow for increased or decreased accessibility, according to each user's level of clearance.
  • User configurable Session Timeout, Password Length and Strength Requirements, Invalid Password Tries, Password Expiration Days & Grace Attempts.
  • Full Audit Trails of all user activity.
  • Secure Database with access blocked outside of the Datatron EXTTM program.

Alarm Features

  • All alarm settings are user configurable per channel or via an Alarm Settings Template for configuring multiple channels with the same settings.
  • High and Low Alarm and Warning Set Points.
  • High and Low Alarm and Warning Delay times to help prevent false alarms.
  • High and Low Force Alarm to bypass the Delay times in the event of a condition requiring immediate action.
  • High and Low Rewarn feature alerts the user of a continued increase or decrease of an alarm condition.
  • High and Low Echo Alarm alerts the user of a continued alarm condition based upon time.
  • Alarm enabled / disabled feature for each channel.
  • Alarm Time Matrix with each matrix being a 24 x 7 grid to enable / disable alarming based on time of day and day of week. No limit on the number of configurable matrices and each channel can have its own matrix or share a matrix with other channels. Alarm Time enabled / disabled feature for each channel.
  • Difference Alarm and Difference Value for alarming based upon the difference in values between two channels.
  • Alarm notification via visual display on PC monitor, message center(s), and interactive telephone notification, email and / or text message.
  • Warnings of a problem are displayed in yellow, and full alarms are displayed in red.
  • Alarm message center information displays user configuration for channel location, channel value, time alarm started, contact person and telephone number. Message Centers can be IP addressable and placed in remote locations.
  • Alarm Notification Lists with each list having up to 16 people and each person allowed up to 5 methods of contact (Work Phone, Cell Phone, Home Phone, Email & Text Message). No limit on the number of configurable lists.
  • Alarm Notification Schedules with each schedule being a 24 x 7 grid to set which notification list to be used based on time of day and day of week. No limit on the number of configurable schedules and each channel can have its own schedule or share a schedule with other channels.
  • Alarms are documented into indelible time and date stamped audit trails acknowledging the operator. Each alarm must be commented and recovered or finished by a user in order to be satisfied.
  • The ability to append unalterable comments to satisfied alarms in a time and date stamped field.

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