Supply Chain Monitoring

FSMA regulations

The Food Safety Modernization Act, in effect August 2015, has signaled the increased responsibility of those transporting temperature sensitive foods to monitor their condition during transit. But mandated temperature profiling of products does not need to be a complex or costly process. The Trekker-USB is a simple and cost effective way of making sure transporters remain compliant with temperature profiling requirements using USB, self powered devices that can be reused mutliple times.


Protect your products while in storage by monitoring the temperature and humidity of walk-in cold boxes, freezers, and ambient room conditions using the Datatron EXT Environmental Monitoring System.

Refrigerated Trucks

Monitor your refrigerated trucks from point to point with our reusable Trekker USB Data Loggers. Configurable time intervals allow you to know exactly what the temperature was during any point of your shipment.

Cargo Ships

Monitor your refrigerated or frozen transoceanic shipments from point to point with our reusable Trekker USB Data Loggers. Ensure that your products have not been spoiled during shipment due to excessive time outside of acceptable temperature limits, even with transit times exceeding a month.