Blood Bank

Blood Bank temperature monitoring is a critical component for the safe handling and storage of blood, plasma, and platelets. Monitor the temperature of your blood bank refrigerators and incubators with the Datatron EXT Environmental Monitoring System to meet AABB and FDA regulations.


Ensure the safety and efficacy of medicine and vaccines in your pharmacy and nursing station refrigerators and freezers.


Monitor temperature, humidity, aand CO2 in your laboratory equipment to ensure that your patient samples and reagents remain viable.

Food Service

Monitor the temperature in your food service kitchens to ensure FSMA and HACCP compliance and protect against loss and limit liability from foodborne illness lawsuits.

Hospital Wide

Monitor any other environmental condition in your hospital including operating rooms, patient rooms, air handlers, tank farms, LN2, O2, and differential pressure in clean rooms. Environmental and temperature monitoring is a crucial part of JCAHO compliance. Our Datatron EXT Environmental Monitoring System will help to make sure your facility will pass its next inspection with flying colors.